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Sister Christine Kresho, CSJ Shares Lenten Reflections and a Prayer from Her Book, Second Childhood: Aging in Relationship with God.

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Second Sunday of Lent

The first time I read about Jephthah (Judges 11:30-34) I felt great sorrow for him. Jephthah had made a vow that if God gave him victory in battle, he would sacrifice whoever first came out of his door when he returned home. That person was his daughter; I could see her ecstatic smile as she came running to meet him, and I was horrified that Jephthah’s image of God would result in her death. The first sentence in the first reading for the Second Sunday of Lent says, “God put Abraham to the test.” (Gn 22:1) Both men seem to believe in a demanding God, even when the vow is foolish as in Jephthah’s case or the obedience is misunderstood as a test in Abraham’s case. How close are we to this mentality when we believe that we are justified by the law or that we are good because we keep the rules?

Let us pray:
O God, I tried so hard to be good. I learned all the rules and wanted so much to please you by my obedience. The laws showed me the straight and narrow path to you. I thought that I could become perfect in your eyes so that at the end of my life you would give me eternal happiness with you. I worried about the people I loved if they broke some of your rules; I was afraid that we might not see each other in heaven. It is so hard to surrender the worthiness I have worked so diligently to achieve. Help me let go of my proud satisfaction with my own righteousness. Help me to understand that you love me unconditionally, that you love me not because I am good but because you are good. (Prayer from Chapter 10 in Second Childhood: Aging into Divine Relationship)

Christine Kresho, CSJ
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