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Sister Christine Kresho, CSJ Shares Lenten Reflections and a Prayer from Her Book, Second Childhood: Aging into Divine Relationship

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Fifth Sunday of Lent

In the Gospel for the Fifth Sunday of Lent (John 12:20-30) we hear this request of Philip. “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.” Who is this Jesus that we see in the Gospels? The one who told stories about forgiveness, caring for the neighbor, and searching for the lost; the one who intervenes when a woman is caught in adultery; the one who welcomes Mary when she joins the men who are listening to him; the one who speaks to the Samaritan woman at the well; the one who promises Paradise this very day to a convicted thief; the resurrected one at whose feet Thomas proclaims, “My Lord and my God?” Would we have followed this Jesus, or would we have found him too radical, too good to believe? Would we accept his God or prefer the God made in our own image?

Let us pray:

O God, open my eyes so that I may welcome the Divine within me and bow to your Spirit within the dear neighbor. Allow me to be overwhelmed by your song in my heart, by your music that invites me to dance, by your embrace that lifts me up when darkness threatens. Help me to reverence your Presence all around me. In the kindness and generosity of others may I understand your goodness. In the beauty of creation let me see your magnificent splendor. In my pain and sorrow may I become aware of your care for me in the compassion and empathy of others. When I see evil allow me to experience the ache in your heart. O God of overwhelming love, wear down my resistance to your unconditional love and help me emerge from the security of my box. Help me believe in your hope and faith in me as we work together in your beautiful world. (Prayer from Chapter 9 in Second Childhood: Aging into Divine Relationship)

Christine Kresho, CSJ
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